The Role of Polyester Tape for Industrial Applications

Polyester tapes are used to insulate, seal, protect and reinforce. They have a tough, high tensile strength, but with a thin backing to prevent stretching and slivering. Contactors and engineers use this type of tape for different purposes. The tape has a specification sheet which provides information about various aspects of the tape. Most tapes show the lower and upper limit of temperature that the tape can withstand. When choosing a tape, check the limit because if you use the tape in temperature limits lower than the lower limit or higher than the higher limit, the tape will not function well.

The General Purpose of Green and Blue Polyester Tapes

The blue polyester tape is mainly used in the electronic industry and powder industry for general coating. The blue polyester tape has a silicon adhesive measuring 2 mil thick and a polyester film 1 mil in thickness. The tapes do not leave a residue when removing them. Other applications for the blue polyester tape include wet coating operations, anodizing, solar panel assembly, electronic assembly, and general-purpose masking. Green polyester tape is made up of 1.5 mil thicknesses of silicone adhesive and 2 mil polyester film. The green polyester tape is tough and can therefore be exposed to high temperature without being damaged. The tape is flexible and can be used in high performance areas. Just like the blue polyester tape, the green polyester tape can be removed cleanly. It is used for photo splicing, anodizing, general purpose masking, E-Coating and powder coating.

Get the Polyester Tape that Perfectly Meets Your Requirements

For the green and blue polyester tapes, you can request a custom-made width to fit your specific jobs and applications. The tapes are durable and reliable and can therefore withstand vibration, extreme temperatures, and many different challenging environments. When looking for tape, list your needs then compare them to the specification information provided to see if it will meet your requirements. If you have any question or you need more information on polyester tapes, contact Polyimide Tapes. They can help you determine whether a particular tape is good for the specific purpose that you want to use it for, and help you decide on the best practices when using the tape. A polyester tape will be helpful only if you get the right one, talk to the polyester tape professionals today.

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