Copper Foil Tapes

RoHS and REACH Compliant
Copper Foil Tapes are made from thin copper foil with an acrylic conductive adhesive. They are packaged as 36 yard long rolls on a 3 inch core. Bertech’s Copper Foil tapes are available in widths of up to 15 inches. The removable paper liner makes it easy for handling and die cutting. This tape provides an excellent conductivity from application substrate through the conductive adhesive to the copper foil backing. Copper Foil Tapes are used for building ground systems, static charge draining, cable wrapping, and surface contact to non-solderable material and point-to-point electrical contact. In addition, they are known to act as an excellent barrier to slugs and snails from entering into protected areas.

Custom sizes are available upon request.


EMI and RF shielding, Electronic Assembly, Grounding, Soldering, Slug and Snail Barrier

Part Number
CFT series
Film Thickness
1.4 Mil
Adhesive Thickness
1.2 Mil
Total Thickness
2.6 Mil ±10%
Material Type
Copper Foil
Adhesion to Steel
35 oz./in.
Tensile Strength
35 lbs./in.
Shielding Effectiveness
60db - 80db
Electrical Resistance
0.005 ohms/sq.
Static Decay
0.5 seconds