Outstanding Features for Excellent Double Sided Adhesive Tape

When looking for a tape for a specific use, you should focus on the features of the tape to determine whether it will meet the purpose which you intend it to fulfill. All tapes are not the same; each tape is enhanced differently depending on its intended use. Double sided adhesive tapes are used for coils, insulating layers and temporarily masking circuit boards. Before buying any type of tape, you should first find out the most important characteristic that the tape must have.

Characteristics of Good Industrial Tapes

These characteristics differentiate industrial tapes from the other types of tapes. It should have a high peel adhesion to maintain a powerful hold. For a good tape, the adhesive hold and strength of the tape go hand in hand. When it comes to the strength of the tape, the material of the tape determines its strength while the adhesive hold is determined by the adhesive used. It should have significant thickness to maintain maximum tear resistance. The tape is used to hold together strong objects and to support weights placed on a vertical plane. For a tape to be able to resist the mechanical stress, it has to be strong enough and have excellent tear and puncture resistant capabilities.

Double Sided Adhesive Tape Adapt to Multiple Surfaces

A good double-sided adhesive should adhere to various surfaces. It should work well when used for permanent and long-term applications on different surfaces. Polyimide Tapes have tapes that are easy to unwind and to remove without breaking. Each tape has a thickness of up to 1 mil and they have an adhesive coating on 1.5mil on each side. You can get them in different widths as they have a maximum width of 20 mil. If you want a specific width of tape, you can request the company to make a custom width tape for you.

Easily Custom Order the Double-Sided Tape You Need

Adhesive tapes that are double sided have thermal stability even when exposed to high temperature, they have excellent mechanical properties (like tensile yield strength, elongation at break and tensile break strength), and their electrical and chemical combination make them good for various electrical insulation applications. Their outstanding characteristics make them suitable for use in various industrial uses like solar panels, masking coils and circuit boards, aerospace assembly, optic cables, and wafer dicing die cutting. If you are in need of high quality double sided tapes contact the professionals to receive high quality products.

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